Making Your Personal Rawhide Dog Chews

After a little extensive research around the benefits and drawbacks of beef rawhide dog chews, I have found that many vets don’t recommend them. Domestic beef hides contain high levels of fat and will also cause excessive swelling when the rawhide is re-hydrated within the intestines and stomach from the animal. Although a large number of rawhide chewies are offered every day and you will find couple of installments of this occurring, it will happen.

Within my tannery, I’ve boxes and boxes of scrap rawhide remaining from making lampshades and rawhide baskets, drums, etc. After tossing this away for several years, I made the decision to test my hands at making rawhide chews in my Labrador who had been constantly transporting bits of rawhide around.

From my tanning experience, I understood natural skins contain glues, this is actually the same glue employed for centuries in fine furniture building and it is still processed today. By boiling small bits of rawhide, I possibly could remove the majority of the glues and break lower the protein fibers of your skin itself, thus making the rawhide more digestible. I additionally realize that wild animal skins of deer, elk, moose, zoysia contain significantly less fat within the skin than beef skins. Consider a bit of rawhide, the dark pigment is mainly bovine collagen, a great protein, as the lighter areas contain globules or fat cells. Unbleached rawhide of domestic animals have lighter color because of greater fat content mainly due to their diet. Drum makers prefer dark rawhide because it is more powerful.

Ok, an adequate amount of the backdrop, to the recipe. Take in some rawhide enough so that you can work into 3-4 inch or 5-7 inch pieces. Don’t be concerned about creating them square or cutting pretty shapes, your dog doesn’t care! Make a pot of boiling water and then add beef or chicken bullion for flavoring. Do not get transported away, one jar of favoring inside a five woman pot is okay and it’ll make plenty of chews. Put the rawhide who are holding cards, about 1/4 full, again don’t stuff it full. Permit the rawhide to prepare, the pieces will start to relax inside a roll. If you want that, fine, otherwise lay them out flat within cookie sheet and weight them lower to dry.

This is a lot more work than you must do. Permit the pieces to dry overnight. By now your dog is going to be searching to you with hopeful eyes along with a lengthy drool hanging from his mouth. Give him among the recently cooked pieces, make sure it’s not hot! He’ll instantly adore you more than you thought and can get it eaten within thirty seconds. Do not get transported away and then feed these to him. The dog is laying for you together with his eyes!

After you have lots of pieces steamed up and dried, I keep my inside a plastic bag or container. Now, you may well ask, where will i get bits of rawhide? You are able to….go kill a deer, elk or moose, skin the animal, scrap all of the hair, meat and fat from the hide, wash it clean, let it dry a couple of days after which work up into little pieces to give your dog.

Best of luck, should you finish up making some chewies, I’d love your comments or even a photo of the dog eating them.

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